A Longing for Humanity

Sometimes a sigh becomes a prayer, which leads to an expression of the soul. That’s what happened here. 

You’re welcome to join me! 

May I join the dance
of sacredness
the re-creative undulance of
planting, cultivation
patience, harvest,
of weeping, laughing
losing, gaining
grieving, rejoicing
stationary confinement, soaring flight?

May I join the circle of life
new life, seasoned maturity
tender breeze, harsh gale
drought, abundance,
transparency, reservation
alternating quiet with abandon
longing, contentment?

May I join the present space
recognizing this day within
the repetitive sweep of history
clinging not to importance
nor dreading insignificance
beyond detachment or absorption
in holy reverence?

© Julia Penner-Zook, 2017
Photo Credit: unknown


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