You’re welcome here.
Regardless of why you came
or where you came from!



Whatever your reasons, you are here and you’re welcome!

What brings you here?

Are you overwhelmed with fear, stress or anxiety?

Do you long for rest for your soul?

Are you searching for a deeper spirituality?

Have you walked away from your spiritual connection, but now realize something is missing?

Have you been so hurt by the church,
…………so disillusioned with spirituality
……………………that you don’t know where to turn?

Or maybe you’re haunted by an uneasiness
you can’t even define, and have no idea
what to do about.

Are you longing for something, but not sure what that may be?

You might very well be “fit” physically, mentally, even emotionally, but your spiritual life is empty.

Does your life have meaning and purpose?

If any of this resonates with you, there’s hope!
Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.


Increasingly, people try to find a way through the meaninglessness, fear and hopelessness that creep in simply from living in our turbulent world. But too often we come up short!

There is a way through – a way to connect to God and to your own spirituality in a way that is right for you. Now. Based on your experiences, longings and needs. We’ll look at that together.

Spiritual Coaching is for YOU. In our first session, which is free, by the way, I’ll listen to where you’re at. Then we’ll look at six foundational areas in your life: your career, relationships, finances, health, your overall sense of well-being, and of course, your spiritual life.

You decide where you’d like to begin. Reach out to me for your free initial session here.

But maybe you still have questions about Life Coaching.

Join me here to learn more.

Photo credit: Jay Castor via http://www.unsplash.com


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