Hurdles – Part I

Identify Your Hurdles

What are the hurdles in your life? You know, the roadblocks you try to leap over – sometimes unsuccessfully?

When we think of hurdles, we may well think only of major things like bankruptcy, divorce, dropping out of college, surviving a house fire. Things like that. And those certainly are more than mere bumps in the road, requiring so much more than momentary mention.

The Symptoms and Their Corresponding Hurdles

But we face hurdles every day. Lots of them. Do we recognize them? Here are examples of very common hurdles:

  • The temptation to believe the inner voice that says, “you aren’t good enough. You won’t make it.

Corresponding Hurdle: Self doubt – “I managed it last time; but this time, it won’t work.” These kinds of thoughts pull you down, and down and down further.

  • The anger that rises up in you when you think of someone who’s hurt you, and you spend the next 15 minutes in a rage – or curled up weeping.

Corresponding Hurdle: Inability to let it go (forgive) – there are always legitimate reasons for having difficulty letting hurts or injustices go. It’s not a one-time-fixes-all situation, and there are zero pat answers that work! Hanging on, however, will not bring you forward. This is an area where professional help would be valuable.

  • The incessant urge to spend just a few minutes on social media, and suddenly an hour has turned into two, and you’ve lost the time you had hoped to use studying for your exam or to go for an after dinner run and workout.

Corresponding Hurdles: – this  could go in a number of directions. Procrastination. Insecurity. Insatiable appetite to see what others are up to. Drive to be on top of things. Or avoiding something that would bring you forward. Taking the path of least resistance.

  • Frustration about change that happens too quickly in some areas of your work and life, and far too slowly in others. In either case, progress seems elusive.

Corresponding Hurdle: the sense of being out of control – the one-thing-after-another feeling. When will it “let up”?
“I can’t keep up.”
…followed by “I give up.”
Or, if change takes too long, the result can be impatience, disillusionment, anger, causing us to throw in the towel (or like the little pup in the photo above: come to a complete standstill – in hopes that something will magically change).

Before we can clear the hurdles, we need to acknowledge recurring themes in our lives, and then identify the hurdles.

Go ahead, give it a try. Take some time with pen and paper – or on a device – to jot them down:

Symptoms (things that show up regularly):

Corresponding Hurdles (what’s behind those nagging things that show up?):

If you have difficulty coming up with any, or making the connections,  contact me here. Remember, the first 30 minute session or first email is free.

Next time we’ll have a look at Clearing Your Hurdles..

Talk soon,

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