and then there were none

There were two of them – mourning doves; simply delightful. Every morning they sang, possibly to each other. I found myself smiling every time I heard their plaintive call. For months they brought simple pleasure to my tiny downtown living space. Many times I needed to come to a near standstill when driving to my garage, careful to allow one or the other of the pair to wing their way upward, out of harm’s way.

Then, when I returned from my early morning walk earlier this week, I saw one of them crushed. Lifeless. Sprawled on the narrow pavement between the buildings of my complex. Apparently another motorist had not been as vigilant to care for our winged minstrel neighbors.

Now it’s quiet. No more gentle cooing. The remaining dove has moved on, evidently devastated by the loss of his / her mate. I wonder whether there were squabs left behind, and what may become of them.

Likely I will never know where the surviving partner and / or brood has gone. But I can remember their beauty, their tireless cooing, their complete trust in the good judgment of humans living around them.

You and I also journey with beautiful co-travelers in this life. It could be a partner or spouse, a long-time trusted neighbor, a close friend, a parent, child or grand-parent/child. Do we really take note of those who sing to us or around us? Do we sing in response, or take their exquisite contribution to our lives for granted?

As the weekend begins, think of someone you could express your appreciation for. Those who would be encouraged by a phone call, text, email or simply an, “I love you”. And remember to take extra care of those who are nearly invisible, but share our living space on this beautiful planet.

Let’s talk,

Photo credit: Robert Jones via


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