What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional who provides the incentive and direction to empower others to craft, reach and exceed personal and professional goals. The term ‘coach’ itself comes from the word for ‘carriage’, which is literally a vehicle by which something is transported.

Utilizing a variety of communication skills, psychological tools and perceptive intuition, a Life Coach offers a new perspective so clients can move forward with confidence. A Life Coach does not give advice or offer an opinion, but retains an objective position, equipping clients to forge their own course by utilizing clarifying, insightful questions. S/he will help clients to recognize their talents and dreams, (re)focus their goals, move beyond challenges that block their progress.

What does Julia Bring to Life Coaching?

Julia brings years of experience in social services, individual care giving and work in various faith communities to her coaching. Julia holds a Masters Degree in Theology, a Life Coaching certification, and has pursued continuing education in the areas of communication, and healing from trauma. She is the published author of Behind Each Face, a collection of flash fiction stories, giving voice to girls and women. Click here for more information about the book.

Julia has spent her professional life not only in three countries on two continents, but also in communities of diversity. She has led workshops for a broad range of audiences – from teens in alternative schools to members of the military. Her personal experiences have required her to learn patience in trials, to grow through loss, and to hold success with an open hand. Julia is an an avid reader, dog lover, runner, someone who loves to laugh, and will never turn down a cup of great coffee.

Let’s make this personal

Julia’s Personal Spirituality and Invitation

From Julia:

I was introduced to the Christian faith from childhood. I studied at a Christian seminary, and the theological work I have done has been in the context of Christian faith communities. I strive to reflect Christ as central to my faith, mindset and practice.

I have also experienced hurt and deception within a religious environment, which impacts me to this day. A faith community, which has the potential to offer deep freedom and healing, is often a place where abuse and manipulation thrive, keeping people from being whole.

I know the far reaching effects of spending time in a coercive and authoritarian religious context, where all is justified in the name of God. I have respect for everyone who currently finds this to be their experience, or who has been there. If this is you I am happy to walk alongside to come to healing. Reach out via the “contact” page.

I value and respect those who hold no formal religious belief, and those with a spirituality different from my own. This position comes out of a strong conviction that there is more that unites us than separates us. I commit to walking with you on your spiritual journey without judgment or coercion.

I look forward to working together with you on whatever it is that brought you here. Whether it’s the heaviness in your life resulting from stress or fear, or the hurt and grief that comes from a painful church experience, or whether it’s a deep longing to connect with God, I’d love for us to talk. Remember, your first session is absolutely free. Get in touch via the “contact” page.

Of course, all inquiries, personal / contact information and communication will remain confidential. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

– Julia