Who Are You? Today? 

If we met in our neighborhood…

Say I moved down the street from you. It’s a beautifully tree-lined, quiet street where residents walk their dogs, jog or walk to a nearby coffee shop.

If we met as each of us walked our dogs, and your were to introduce yourself, what would you say?
What would be important to you that I find out about you immediately?
……Is it where you live?
Whom you live with, or that you live alone?
Where you work? What car you drive? What cause you fight for?
……Your thoughts on “today in the news”?
How happy or fulfilled you are?

Be honest now!

What you spontaneously tell me may not reflect what is truly important to you. We tend to keep those thoughts to ourselves! But they occupy us. They sometimes even haunt us.

What are you longing for right now? What doesn’t let you sleep at night?

  • Do your anxiety levels keep increasing?
  • Are you unsure about how to manage your work, relationships, or how to pursue your dreams?
  • Maybe you dread the future, and are increasingly searching for ways to numb the fear.
  • You may be deeply disillusioned with those in authority who have failed you.
  • Your spiritual vitality or your relationship with God may be scarred or even non-existent, but you wish it were different.
  • Are you wondering whether the source of your spiritual nurture is helping or hindering you on your quest for meaning and purpose?

Let’s talk about what your questions and hopes are. You can reach me here.

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