One Thing

At the risk of belaboring a point (I wrote about this subject on another platform yesterday), I need to circle back and re-visit Sutherland Springs, TX. Just a tiny, unincorporated town some 20 miles outside of San Antonio. It’s the kind of place you’d expect to be the home of close-knit families extending over multiple … Continue reading One Thing


A Day In The Life…

Dodging raindrops, I hurried into a downtown restaurant in my neighborhood for the fresh spinach, strawberry salad I'd dreamed of all morning. Surprised at the empty seats in an otherwise packed eating establishment, I quickly learned that a shooting, which had killed three people 90 minutes earlier, had placed many businesses, schools and government offices … Continue reading A Day In The Life…

The Struggle Is Real – Part I

The struggle is real! Originally this meme had a variety of meanings, but now it often facetiously relates to a first world problem. Stuck in traffic and missing a show; too hung over to go to work, things like that. But, the struggle is real. Mine. Yours. The struggle of those in your neighborhood and … Continue reading The Struggle Is Real – Part I