The Shadows – Part III

We're always looking for shortcuts. Life hacks! Strategies that ensure things run more smoothly and preferably, as a result of a quick solution. We reach. We run. We hurry and scramble. We try our hardest to get ahead. Ah yes. This is our tendency. Inevitably, however, we come to a point where what has (seemingly) worked … Continue reading The Shadows – Part III


The Shadows – Part II

Everyone of us is a combination of light and dark, up and down. Living on a mountaintop, free of worry, disruption or fear, is simply not sustainable. Probably not even healthy, if it were possible. There are common shadows we all grapple with – things like a sense of inadequacy, feeling invisible, unlovable or being convinced … Continue reading The Shadows – Part II

Welcome Your Shadows

Each of us is unique. We are individuals. And yet there are similarities we all share. As we move through life, experiencing love, pain, rejection, affirmation, indifference, injustice and shadows, we change. This is true for everyone in all religions, as well as for all who are not necessarily oriented toward religious belief. We are … Continue reading Welcome Your Shadows