The Shadows – Part II

Everyone of us is a combination of light and dark, up and down. Living on a mountaintop, free of worry, disruption or fear, is simply not sustainable. Probably not even healthy, if it were possible. There are common shadows we all grapple with – things like a sense of inadequacy, feeling invisible, unlovable or being convinced … Continue reading The Shadows – Part II

The Shadows – Part I

Each of us is unique. We are individuals. And yet there are universalities we all share. As we move through life, experiencing love, pain, rejection, affirmation, indifference, sun, clouds, injustice and shadows, we change. This is true for all people in all religions, as well as for those who are not necessarily oriented toward religious belief. … Continue reading The Shadows – Part I

The Struggle Is Real – Part I

The struggle is real! Originally this meme had a variety of meanings, but now it often facetiously relates to a first world problem. Stuck in traffic and missing a show; too hung over to go to work, things like that. But, the struggle is real. Mine. Yours. The struggle of those in your neighborhood and … Continue reading The Struggle Is Real – Part I

A Longing for Humanity

Sometimes a sigh becomes a prayer, which leads to an expression of the soul. That's what happened here.  You're welcome to join me!  May I join the dance of sacredness healing wholeheartedness the re-creative undulance of planting, cultivation patience, harvest, of weeping, laughing losing, gaining grieving, rejoicing stationary confinement, soaring flight? May I join the … Continue reading A Longing for Humanity

What About This Anxiety?

I've been thinking about how experiences rise and fall, ebb and flow. Most specifically, I've tried to keep a finger on my own pulse as it relates to my world (or my perception of it): the news, the dizzying flurry of new legislations and executive orders, targeted violence, stripped protections, growing fear and disbelief in millions of … Continue reading What About This Anxiety?